© Gerd Schmidleitner, Sailing on Lake Attersee
Sailboats at Lake Attersee

Sailing at Lake Attersee

If you are sailing at Lake Attersee, you will sail with the "Rosenwind"

For decades, Lake Attersee has become a fixed point among regatta sailors due to its well-known “Rosenwind". Why “Rosenwind”? Well, it is said that in former times Schloss Kammer was surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and their scent was carried by a strong northeast flow over the whole lake. The trademark of the “Rosenwind” is the associated weatherwhich is known for a wonderful blue sky and a lot of sunshine.

The yachting and sailing clubs around the Lake Attersee are organizing a variety of regattas. To find an overview of all those regattas, please look up the regatta calendar of the Austrian Sailing Federation.

When sailing, there are certain rules and instructions that must be followed. Therefore, we have summarized the most important sailing rules for you. Moreover, the sailing trip guide by Thomas DieplingerAttersee-Törn Sailing with the "Rosenwind" is supposed to attract all interested sailors, even for long sailing trips at Lake Attersee.