© Foto: TVB Attersee-Attergau, Moritz Ablinger: Paar am Steg
Mann und Frau in Tracht sitzen an einem gedeckten Tisch am Steg und prosten sich mit Weißwein zu.

Barrier-free service

Barrier-free measures for easier access to web content

Tourismusverband Attersee-Attergau has implemented barrier-free measures for easier access to web content. For questions about using the website or suggestions about the contents, please contact info@attersee.at.


Access keys

In order to facilitate the page navigation we have incorporated access keys to the important page areas in all pages. To ensure that no conflicts arise with the preset operating system shortcuts, the numeric keys were assigned here.

The following access keys are available:
0 go to Homepage
1 go to Navigation
2 go to Content
3 go to Contact
4 go to Sitemap
5 go to Search
6 go to Start of the page
7 go to Imprint
8 go to Position display

Depending on the browser and operating system, you use the key indicated above in combination with a special control key:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + [key]
  • Firefox: Alt + Shift (Windows and Linux) or Ctrl (Mac) + [key]
  • Google Chrome: Alt (Windows), Ctrl + Opt (Mac) or Alt + Shift (Linux)
  • Opera: Shift + Esc opens a context menu where the available access keys are listed. They are confirmed with Enter.

Responsive web design

Our website is optimised due to the responsive web design for different output devices (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer). The content elements (e.g. images, page structure, size) are optmised for the best legibility possible and for the respective display size.

Control using the keyboard

The main menu can be controlled using the keyboard (up, down, right and left arrows). The photo gallery (Lightbox) can be closed using ESC. The tab and accordions of accommodation facilities, gastronomy, tours, sights, etc. can be opened and closed using the tabulator and Enter.

Search for accommodation

Please consider the increase in loading time during your search for available accommodation facilities in a specific time frame. Various providers of accommodation are accessed here. The accommodation facilities can be filtered according to different criteria. There is no "Send" button here. The accommodation data is reloaded automatically.