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Sailboats at Lake Attersee

Sailing Schools at Lake Attersee

If you would like to learn sailing, you will find all the sailing schools around Lake Attersee here

Port, starboard, windward, leeward, turn, neck, palstek ... no, this is not about any new computer games, but about words that every sailor will get to know in his first sailing class. We’ll only say this much: it is about everyday terms such as left, right or the different kinds of knots. The nautical language is waiting with many more definitions for the future sailors.

The sailing schools in the Attersee region offer sailing classes for children and adults on the largest inland lake in Austria. For the little ones, the first sailing tour will probably take place in the optimist boat. Then a lot of small nutshells with white sails will be hissing over the water. The older children are already able to complete the basic certificate or later the A-bill. Of course, the sailing courses are not only offered for children - the sport beneath white sails can be started at any age.

The picturesque backdrop of Lake Attersee with its turquoise blue water and the surrounding mountains, the Rosenwind, warm sunshine and refreshing water that splashes on a fast ride guarantee for an unforgettable experience. A sailing course on Lake Attersee is often just the beginning of a lifelong passion for sailing.


Sailing schools at the Attersee

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