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Sailboats at Lake Attersee

Sailing Rules and important Informations

There are some important rules to follow when sailing.

    Storm warning

    • The storm warning signal will be switched on without advanced warning & indicates the danger of a storm of indefinite strength in form of a steady flashing.
    • In the event of a storm warning, a port or a safe place must be found immediately!
    • Locations of the storm warning systems: There is a plant in all places around Lake Attersee.

    Emergency signals for sailors

    There is an obligation to offer assistance when seeing the following signals!

    • Panning of a conspicuous object (light, flag, paddle, bath towel)
    • Slow lifting and lowering of outstretched arms (tired fly)
    • Red flares by a signal gun
    • SOS - light or sound signals (3x short - 3x long - 3x short)
    • One episode of long beeps


    Obligation to dodge generally applies against

    • Public security vehicles with blue light
    • Passenger ships with green ball or green light
    • Fish boats with white ball or white flag (minimum distance 50 m)
    • Fishing nets (minimum distance 25 m)


    Obligation to dodge for sailboats applies if

    • You sail on different bow and the wind blows from backboard!
    • You sail on the same butts and are in windward!
    • You get closer to another boat! (obligation to defend)


    Driving and anchor bans exist in

    • bathing zones marked by red-white-red signs with an arrow
    • natural shore or reed zones
    • Areas, which are specifically marked with entry and/or anchor bans.
    • Take-off and landing gates for water skiing
    • Landing stage areas of Stern & Hafferl Attersee-Schifffahrt


    Motorboat prohibition – Auxiliary motor

    • In shore areas, yachts are not allowed to drive closer than 200m, except perpendicular to the shore where a maximum of 10 km/h is allowed
    • In the summer months of July and August, riding motorboats or yachts is generally prohibited
    • In an emergency situation as well as in case of a problem a motor up to 4,4kw (auxiliary motor) can be used without a license and only to reach the home port

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