© Foto: TVB Attersee-Attergau,© Moritz Ablinger, Attergauer Aussichtsturm
Drohnenaufnahme über den Attergauer Aussichtsturm

An adventure for all your senses

It’s often said that those who travel have stories to tell. But in a region like Attersee-Attergau, where there’s so much to see and experience, you’re truly spoiled for choice when choosing places to visit. A brief guide to point you in the right direction is just the ticket.

The 14 top destinations outlined below represent a diverse mix of the leisure activities available in the Attersee-Attergau region, with something to suit every taste all year round. Take your pick from active excursions, nature, fine food and drink, culture, history and so much more besides. Whatever you choose, your holiday by Lake Attersee will be a unique experience that you’ll never forget.


The top excursion destinations in the Attersee-Attergau region at a glance

Attersee Shipping

Attersee-Schifffahrt connects people, places, the top excursion destinations and the most beautiful walks around Lake Attersee. With a total of 3 ships of the artist fleet, Attersee Schifffahrt offers round trips, group offers and selected theme and adventure trips.

Enjoy not only the breathtaking landscape but also culinary delights on board. Discover the beautiful villas around Lake Attersee during the TOP theme cruises while enjoying a cosy breakfast or a glass of wine. A varied children's programme makes the Attersee boat trip the perfect excursion experience for the whole family.

Attersee Shipping

The Atterseebahn

The Attersee Bahn is the local railway from Vöcklamarkt to Attersee. With a total of 13 stops, it offers contemporary mobility for schoolchildren, commuters and excursion guests. The Attersee Railway has long been a centrepiece of the region. Numerous seasonal special trips, such as the Celtic Train - the adventure for little explorers, Nostalgia Train or Train & Ship Ahoy are on the programme. There are also numerous excursion and adventure offers along the route.

Especially for children, the "Celtic Train - the adventure for little explorers" is offered on Thursdays during the summer holidays and the "Children's Fun with Train & Ship and surprise guest Perla" on Tuesdays.

The Atterseebahn

Bee farm Attersee 

Popular with young and old is the Bienenhof Attersee with its 1.5 km long nature trail, including 30 information panels, a show beehive and three bee islands. Also discover the farm's own shop, including Cafe Ambrosius, where you can buy wonderfully fragrant bee products as well as small snacks and drinks.

Learn more about the life of the honey bee and about beekeeping on a public guided tour, which takes place weekly during the summer months. Special children's tours are offered during the holiday season. 

The Bienenhof Attersee is part of the nine adventure theme trails of the AbenteuerWanderPass.

To the bee farm

Adventure Pile Dwelling

Since June 2011, three of the 20 to 30 Neolithic and Bronze Age pile-dwelling villages submerged in Lake Attersee have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With their unique historical and cultural significance, they are part of the common memory of all peoples on earth.

Embark on an exciting journey back in time to the Stone Age on a guided tour and learn interesting facts about life back then: immerse yourself in finds that are more than 6,000 years old, such as wooden piles, stone axes, hazelnuts and flint tools, and receive information about the manufacture of flint knives or daggers. The two pile-dwelling pavilions in Seewalchen and Attersee can be visited all year round.

To the Pile Dwelling

Bierschmiede Attersee

Experience the authentic craft of brewing and feel the passion of the brewer at the Bierschmiede in Steinbach am Attersee. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of beer, the brewing craft and the philosophy of the Bierschmiede during a guided tour of the brewery and enjoy regional delicacies in the cosy Braustub'n at the end of the tour. In the adjoining shop you can buy beer souvenirs and all the beers to take home.

Incidentally, the brand name was inspired by Bierschmid's grandfather, once a blacksmith in Steinbach, as well as the blacksmith's craft itself, which probably stands for powerful and characterful qualities like no other.

To the Bierschmiede

Attergauer Aussichtsturm

The highlight of the hike up the Lichtenberg is the Attergau lookout tower: after 208 steps, 36 metres in altitude and at an altitude of 884 metres, you are presented with a magnificent panorama as well as an unobstructed view of the Traunstein, the Höllengebirge, the Attersee, the Dachstein and much more. In any case, it is worth climbing the Attergau lookout tower.

See for yourself and take a look at our Webcam attached to the tower. In general, the Lichtenberg hiking area offers tour options for different requirements.


Observation tower


The theme and adventure trail on the Koglberg in St. Georgen im Attergau is dedicated to the people of the Iron Age Latène culture, which flourished in the Attersee-Attergau region around 450 BC. At nine experience stations you can learn more about the history of salt and iron, of farmers and craftsmen as well as about the work and celebrations of our ancestors.

The "original" Celtic house and a large "Celtic playground" are the highlights of the Celtic.tree.trail. Mighty avenues of trees and power spots are not only the backdrop, they also reveal ancient secrets.Guided tours along the Kelten.Baum.Weg are possible at any time. The Kelten.Baum.Weg is part of the AbenteuerWanderPass.

The Celt.tree.path

Attersee-Traunsee Nature Park

In 2012, the 77 km² landscape conservation area between Attersee and Traunsee was designated as a nature park. It impresses with its great diversity and adventure spaces.

Experience the many different perspectives of the nature park on a guided tour or treat yourself to one of the multi-day packages. A special highlight: Austria's first star park is currently being created on the grounds.

The nature park is known for its variety of rare plum species: Visit the interactive and barrier-free permanent exhibition "On the catwalk in the plum kingdom".

To the nature park

Lake Alpaca Enclosure

Alpacas originally come from the South American Andes and are bred mainly for their wool. On the eastern shore of Lake Attersee, some of them have found an adequate home with an idyllic view of the lake. Visitors can observe the rather shy animals from a distance or go with them on a guided tour of the enclosure and learn all there is to know about alpacas.

In the Alpaka "Gschäftl" , right in the centre of Weyregg am Attersee, there is a fine selection of various high-quality, suitable for allergy sufferers, products made from alpaca wool.

To the alpacas

Adventure nursery Blumen Bergmoser

In the greenhouses of Blumen Bergmoser in Frankenmarkt, a year-round sea of blossoms awaits customers and visitors: every year, around 1 million roses, gerberas, alstromerias and other cut flowers are produced in top BIO quality. This makes it the largest cut flower nursery in Upper Austria. The team in the in-house flower shop is available daily with expert advice and assistance.

For interested clubs and tour groups, guided tours of the adventure nursery are offered all year round (for 15 people or more), where you can get valuable tips and tricks for your green thumb.

Adventure nursery

The Glass Valley

The "Gläsernes Tal" adventure trail in Weißenkirchen im Attergau is about 3.5 kilometres long and is divided into six main themes. It ends in the village of Freudenthal, where not so long ago there was still hustle and bustle around a glassworks.

Numerous play and adventure stations provide amusement for young and old. A giant slide, a special biotope, a forest pharmacy and much more can be discovered here. A visit to the glass museum, a tour of the Schaudorf and various demonstrations are offered as part of a guided tour.

The Glass Valley is part of the nine adventure trails of the AbenteuerWanderPass.

The Glass Valley

Mermaid Fall

The beautiful family hike to the mermaid fall, in Weißenbach am Attersee, leads to a 50-metre-high waterfall where, according to legend, the mermaid "Adhara" lives. Along the way there are numerous adventure stations for balancing, feeling and discovering, as well as a water wheel for children.

On the way, there are goblins and their stories, which the children can read or listen to as an audio book using the QR code. At the waterfall itself there is a mermaid figure and a board informs about the legend of the mermaid "Adhara".

The mermaid fall is part of the nine adventure trails of the AbenteuerWanderPass.

To the mermaid fall

High Ropes Course Attersee

The high ropes course Attersee stands for challenge and adventure, for the joy of life and fun, for gaining confidence, experiencing and breaking boundaries - and the shared experience connects! The high ropes course Attersee has numerous stations: From the giant swing to the self-securing course.

Get involved in new terrain and experience the meaning of: 100% guided, 100% experience. Professional safety trainer guidance ensures that you as a participant are challenged but not overtaxed. You alone decide how far you want to go! Various training courses, specials and team-buildings are offered for this purpose.

High ropes course

An adventure for all your senses

It’s often said that those who travel have stories to tell. But in a region like Attersee-Attergau, where there’s so much to see and experience, you’re truly spoiled for choice when choosing places to visit. A brief guide to point you in the right direction is just the ticket.

The 14 top destinations outlined below represent a diverse mix of the leisure activities available in the Attersee-Attergau region, with something to suit every taste all year round. Take your pick from active excursions, nature, fine food and drink, culture, history and so much more besides. Whatever you choose, your holiday by Lake Attersee will be a unique experience that you’ll never forget.


Moving experiences

For all those who regard the journey as the destination, a trip on the Atterseebahn is an absolute must. With no need to worry about finding a parking space, leave your stresses behind and settle in to one of the comfortable train carriages. Now you can give your full attention to the countryside passing by the windows of the nostalgic narrow-gauge railway linking Vöcklamarkt and Attersee. Special offers like fun children’s excursions by train and boat or a train driver’s experience add to the magic.

A visit to the Nixenfall waterfall in Weißenbach am Attersee or the Attergauer Aussichtsturm observation tower in St Georgen im Attergau also promises to be exciting, enlightening and moving. If you’re looking for an extra thrill, you won’t be left disappointed at the Hochseilgarten Attersee, a high ropes centre in Seewalchen. There are no limits to how much fun you can have climbing at these lofty heights. Safely roped up and instructed by experienced trainers, this is your opportunity to experience true freedom in the treetops as part of a guided programme or on the self-belay course. Attractions like the giant swing provide a whole new angle for team-building exercises, social get-togethers, club outings and all kinds of celebrations. As with the destinations mentioned above, a visit to the high ropes centre is also an ideal way to actively experience the region with the whole family.


Last but not least, a boat trip on the lake with the Attersee Schifffahrt company is an indulgent treat. Whatever the speed of travel, it’s possible to soak up the soul of the landscape in many ways from the deck. With culture, cuisine and natural wonders, there’s a treat in store for everyone on the waves of the turquoise-blue waters of the Salzkammergut region. If you disembark on the eastern shore of Lake Attersee, you can hike through the Attersee-Traunsee Nature Park and experience the region’s cultivated landscape up close. In and around the Nature Park’s information centre in Steinbach, you might even uncover the secrets of the “plum kingdom”. Even after the sun has set behind the mountains, it’s still well worth making the trip to the hikers’ paradise at the gateway to the Höllengebirge range. In Austria’s first Dark Sky Park, it’s especially easy to lose yourself in wonder as you gaze at the infinite expanse of the Milky Way.


Yesterday, tomorrow, today

Culture and history are inextricably linked. And for all those travellers looking for treasure, the Attersee-Attergau region reveals a wealth of riches, from the way ancient peoples lived to the thoughts and imaginings of famous artists. This is where they have left their mark. Open a window into the past, learn lessons for the present or be inspired for the future!

Thirsty for knowledge? At the Kelten.Baum.Weg Celtic heritage trail in St Georgen or the Abenteuer Pfahlbau pile dwelling discovery centre in Seewalchen, you can find out about the Iron Age Celts and go even further back to learn about the people who inhabited the region 6,000 years ago in the Stone Age, living in striking pile dwellings. At both destinations, living and breathing history is what it’s all about. By engaging all your senses, you will be taken on a journey through time, rather than simply being escorted through a museum. This makes learning an unforgettable adventure, especially for children and young people.


The activity points in the gläsernes Tal, or glass valley, along the stream running through Freudenthal valley in Weißkirchen combine information, outdoor experiences and fun in a unique way. A themed trail that winds gently through the cool mixed woodland leads visitors to discover interesting and useful facts by way of a giant slide, a forest pharmacy, art points and a former glass-making centre. There are a wide range of ways to experience the nature and history of the place. A visit to the glass museum is the cherry on the cake on an eventful day in the glass valley. Field trips can be arranged here for school groups, and accommodation is also available.


Delicious regional produce

Beyond the region’s diverse restaurant scene, the best that the forests, mountains and meadows of the Attersee-Attergau region have to offer from a culinary point of view can also be savoured in a particularly memorable setting at the Bienenhof Attersee bee farm. Whether by means of a PowerPoint presentation on a rainy day or on a comprehensive educational trail in the sunshine, experienced beekeepers guide groups of up to 50 people through the world of the native honeybee and give a clear explanation of how exactly the golden nectar makes its way from the flowers to the breakfast table. You can watch the queen and her court at work through the glass of observation hives. And of course, you’re also welcome to head out on the trail by yourself and learn about these industrious insects from 30 information boards. After your walk, you’ll find everything your heart desires in the farm shop. Café Ambrosius at the Attersee bee farm is also the ideal place to find much-needed refreshment after a trek through the buzzing fields.e to have your own story to tell!

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An equally golden – albeit somewhat more quaffable – speciality is on offer at the Bierschmiede in Steinbach am Attersee. Brewing is the name of the game here. After a guided tour through the multi-award-winning private brewery, what better than an opportunity to sample the beer in the Braustub’n, or tap room, accompanied by regional fare. Beer-related souvenirs and, of course, the delicious beverage itself can be purchased in the brewery’s on-site shop, so you can keep the memory of your mouth-watering visit fresh on the tip of your tastebuds when you return home.


Flora and fauna

Throughout the year, the plants and animals around Lake Attersee are within easy reach at Blumen Bergmoser flower nursery in Frankenmarkt and the See-Alpaka lakeside alpaca farm in Weyregg. What sets these two attractions apart is that they consciously take a look beyond the horizon and show what happens when species from distant countries also settle on the shores of Lake Attersee. As far as the plants and animals are concerned, the symbiosis of near and far at the two destinations either comes in the form of a heavenly fragrance or is delightfully soft and cuddly. These are ideal places to visit for anyone who loves a special experience and wants to explore it in depth. Both attractions go far beyond simply exhibiting plants and animals, and instead put interaction, creativity and sustainability centre stage. At Blumen Bergmoser, for example, there’s an opportunity not only to sample the scents but also to buy interesting products related to flowers. The same applies – with more of an animal focus, of course – at See-Alpaka. Who would have thought that you could enjoy rose-flavoured chocolate or high-quality alpaca scarves made right here in the Attersee-Attergau region?

These 14 destinations only scratch the surface of the treasure trove of experiences on offer in the Attersee-Attergau region. Why not come and discover its richness and diversity for yourself? You’ll be sur