© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau/Klaus-Costadedoi, Children at the celtic tree path
Children at the Kelten.Baum.Weg in St. Georgen im Attergau

The celtic heritage trail - Keltenbaumweg

along mighty trees

After the discovery of the burial mounds the theme and adventure trail  was established on the Kolberg in 2006. The trail is dedicated to the people of the Latenè culture of the Iron Age, which dominated our region about 450 B.C. At nine activity stations you will learn more about the history of salt and iron, about farmers  and craftsmen, about the work and festivities of our ancestors. The “original” Celtic dwelling  and the large “Celtic playground”  are the highlights along the Kelten.Baum.Weg. The moderate theme trail is ideal for families with children.

Guided tours on the celtic trail 

Bookable from May to April 

For groups of 10  or more persons guided tours can be booked at the celtic hertitage trail. You will be guided by a trained Celtic Heritage Trail guide . Well-conceived illustrative materila and hands-on activity stations make this excursion an experience for all senses.




Variations of guided tours 

We will gladly design the guided tours around your wishes!

Standard tour

Duration: 1,5 h

You will be guided by a trained Celtic Heritage Trail Guide to the "original" celts house. During the easy walk you get information of the Late IronAge.




meeting point: Landgasthof Spitzerwirt

participant limit:  max. 25 persons per guide
costs: € 62,- 

Tour for children

Duration: 2 h with bread on a stick

Children will get information about the celtic  culture in a playful way. Through well-conceived illustrative material and hands on activities as well as tasting all sense are involved. Visit of the celts house and baking bread on a stick over a campfire at celts house.

Our tip: ideal für school classes

meeting point: Landgasthof Spitzerwirt 

participant limit:  max. 25 perons per guide
costs: € 75,-

Individual module

extra 0,5 h

Would you like to arrange your guided tour on the Keltenbaumweg for your group exactly?
 No problem, we can offer you the following module for the individual tours
 an extra half hour. So you can extend a guide individually up to a guide length of up to 3 hours.



Individual component: + 0.5 h

Cost per extra 0,5 h: € 10,-

Around celtic heritage trail