Adventure HikingPass

Have you heard about the Adventure Hiking Pass?

Here at the Attersee and in the Attergau there are seven adventure trails, where you can experience all kinds of surprises! Whether treasure hunt, experiences with Celts, pile dwellers and fairy tale figures - here one adventure chases the next. I, the owl Gustl, and my best friend, Perlfisch Perla, will accompany you on your adventure. And not only that: If you collect stamps there, there are also rewards to take away for you.


These adventure hiking trails await families in the Attersee-Attergau holiday region

There is a lot to experience: Become a pile farmer or celtic, visit the Attersee mermaid, goblins, glass blower, bees and alpacas.

On each theme trail there is a "owl house" made of wood, in which the collection passes for free removal are located! At the same time the owl houses are also the stamping stations. If you collect stamps for the passport, there are great rewards for you on top of that:

When the passport is filled with at least four stamps, the children are rewarded with little presents. Just show the collection passes at the tourist offices of the Attersee-Attergau tourist office and receive gifts. The themed hiking trails are all accessible without admission.

© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau, AdventureHikingPass
Graphic of the AdventureHikingPass

Gustl & Perla's Attersee-Attergau adventure trip

© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau, Mascot Perla
A graphic with a blue fish and a crown swims in front of a light blue background

Who has invented Gustl and Perla?

Who is Gustl and what does he look like? This question was asked by the tourism association Attersee-Attergau together with about 130 elementary school children during a drawing competition in October 2019.

Surprisingly, the jury chose two drawings as winners: the pearl fish "Perla" by Jana Hinterleitner and the owl "Gustl" by Franziska Platzer. The new mascots will now be implemented as stuffed animals. Owl "Gustl" makes the beginning.