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Diving on Lake Attersee

Embedded in an enchanting, diverse landscape is Lake Attersee, the largest body of water in Austria.

The clear drinking-water of Lake Attersee allows you to see up to 25 meters. With a surface area of around 48 km2 and a length of 23 km, Lake Attersee is the “Hot Spot” for all diving fans in Austria.

With numerous diving zones and interesting places to dive, the lake is a suitable sport region for beginners, advanced sport divers, as well as children.

Dive into the ancient “Wandl”, experience the magnificent stone wall at “Kohlbauernaufsatz” or let yourself be charmed into the “Unterwasserwald Kammer”!

Diving: 365 days a year

In the Attersee-Attergau region, diving is possible all year round: whether diving or scuba diving in freshwater, apnoea diving, technical diving or winter diving. There is a suitable offer for every season.

There are also introductory diving offers for children from the age of 10, where they can get to know the fascinating underwater world of Lake Attersee and perhaps ignite their passion for water sports in the process.

River diving

From little bullheads to perches, tenches, carps, trouts, greylings and crayfish – there’s a lot to see in River Traun. Barbs migrate upstream; non-predatory fish hide while huge pikes go hunting. This abundant fauna, crystal clear water, caves, tunnels and a lot more make diving and scubing in River Traun a memorable experience.

Riverdiving and Scubing. Fun, exitement and pure nature. Diving in a river has an exotic touch to it. River Ager and River Traun, in particular, are perfect for river diving. Diving in these rivers is not cold as their water comes from lakes.


© Picture: Harald Hois, River snorkeling on Lake Attersee
Traun, Enns, Steyr or Weißenbach - Snorkeling in a river im Salzkammergut region
© Picture: Tauchkompetenzzentrum Attersee, Franz Hajek, riverdiving and scubing



SCUBING = snorkeling in a river. Scubing is another way of exploring the fauna of shallow rivers and streams. Whether scuba diver or not: everyone will enjoy this experience. Masks, snorkels, fins, booties, gloves and warm wetsuits are being provided for non divers.

Floating on the surface, the current of River Traun determines your speed. At times, the current will make you pass harmless rapids very fast and drag you into narrow and deep canyons whereas sometimes you will float slowly in pools full of fish.

Technical Diving

Tech diving used to describe diving beyond the limits of recreational scuba diving. Over time, this has changed and nowadays techspecific gear such as mixed gas, wing BCDs and double tanks are more and more appreciated within recreational diving.

One thing that has not changed is the fact that – apart from the equipment – you need thorough training and experience on how to handle the equipment when it comes to deep and challenging dives. Just like scuba diving training, tech diving training has different courses and levels. The clear water and daylight reaching down unusually deep provide amazing conditions at Lake Attersee.

© Picture: Oberösterreich Tourismus, Erber, Diving on Lake Attersee
Equipment Check befor diving in Salzkammergut region
© Picture: Andreas Körber, Apnoe Diving on Lake Attersee
an Apnoe diver comes up

Apnoea Diving

Apnoea means "without breath" or also respiratory arrest. Apnoea diving, also called free diving, is the most original form of diving. Through mental preparation, relaxation and breathing techniques, you learn to control your pulse so that you can hold your breath for several minutes without stress. This not only makes free diving more relaxed, but also gives you a relaxed feeling when scuba diving.

The diving schools at Lake Attersee have years of experience: the infrastructure specially set up for freedivers, such as an apnoea platform, deep diving sleds and descent ropes with lanyard safety, make it possible for the first time for every freediver to train and develop under ideal conditions.

Dive Competency Center Attersee

Whether accommodation, diving school or filling station - at the partner companies of the Dive Competency Center Attersee you will receive competent advice and service. It pays to dive into the world of Lake Attersee!

Winter diving

Perfect visibility of up to 30 metres and absolute silence - diving in winter seems exotic to many, but it is becoming more and more popular. Ice diving is one of the greatest challenges divers can face: The thrill of not being able to surface at any time.

Ice-cold water and still not freezing. With the right equipment suitable for cold water and a dry suit, anyone can enjoy the special features of winter diving. Dry suit diving is demanding, offers a completely new buoyancy experience and the right way to use it should be learned in a special course.



The association Tauchkompetenz-Zentrum Attersee was founded in 2006 by 40 companies around the Attersee. Each member company provides a financial yearly contribution to finance this and many other activities: 

  • marks
  • graphical depictions of the dive sites with diving infotables
  • creation of safe entries
  • steps
  • preservation and maintenance of existing diving infrastructure
  • construction of new underwater activities
  • continuous development of the diving infrastructure 

You can also become a member and support our work: info@atterseediving.com.