© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus/Attersee Attergau/Michael Grössinger: Wandern am Edelkastanienweg bei Unterach am Attersee im Salzkammergut.
Ein Mann und eine Frau wandern am Edelkastanienweg am Attersee, im Hintergrund die Berglandschaft und ein Wolkenmeer.

Long Distance Hiking Trail Attersee-Attergau

It doesn't matter where you start or conclude your roughly 90 km tour around Lake Attersee and through the Attergau region – the journey is the reward! And if 90 km are not enough there are connection possibilites to the Salzkammergut long distance trail called BergeSeen Trail. The BergeSeen Trail - a unique long distance trail from lake to lake.

You'll be hiking 'up, down and around' ('aufi ... owi ... umi' in local dialect) in four (or five) stages. You will wander through rolling hills, forests suffused with light, well-groomed endless meadows, cultivated landscapes in the Attersee-Traunsee Natural Park, catching countless breathtaking views over Lake Attersee glinting in the sunlight. Walk at your own pace, step by step, and let your mind wander. Take a break to watch the appeasing alpacas, observe the busy bees or let your gaze wander over the scenery at the 'Kronberg Platzl' viewpoint.

"Up ... Down ... Around"
It doesn't matter where you start or conclude your roughly 90 km tour around Lake Attersee and through the Attergau region – the journey is the reward!

Useful information for hikers on the long distance hiking trail Attersee-Attergau

How to get there

Public transport

To get to Lake Attersee, you can either take a train or get on a bus. Various bus lines allow shortening the stages of the trail. For transport on water you can get on a ship of Atterseeschifffahrt which offers two diffrent round courses.

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If you are planning to arrive by car, you have probably asked yourself the question of where to park it for several days.

No matter whether you stick to the stages we propose or do the tour according to your own ideas, you can find free parking space for your car in all the villages around the lake. 

  • Seewalchen am Attersee – Parking next to the cemetery or above the lido
  • Attersee am Attersee – at Atterseehalle
  • Nußdorf am Attersee – Parking North next to the ‘Nah & Frisch’ supermarket
  • Unterach am Attersee – gravel parking space at the sports and leisure centre
  • Steinbach am Attersee – in the village centre (municipal office) and next to the village church
  • Weyregg am Attersee – parking next to the fire station
  • Schörfling am Attersee – gravel parking next to the police station


Luggage transport

You would like to hike light but still be prepared for all eventualities? Simply book our luggage transport service at one of our tourist offices.  The ‘Attersee luggage taxi’ will pick up your bags or suitcase at your hotel and take it to the next hotel on your tour.


We will be happy to help you plan your tour. You can order and download hiking maps or the Attersee-Attergau long distance trail folder (free of charge) as well as the Kompass guides (with costs) via our website. We are sorry but both are only available in German. The folder of the Salzkammergut long distance trail is also avaiable in English. Please contact us by mail info@attersee.at or by phone +43 7666 77190.