© Credit: Werner Schnetzer, Climbing tower in Unterach
Climbing tower in Unterach


Climbing and bouldering in the Attersee-Attergau region

The holiday region has a lot to offer. A brand new indoor climbing and bouldering hall in the Freizi in St. Georgen im Attergau, the Steinbach-Forstamt bouldering area, the Attersee high ropes course and the outdoor climbing tower in Unterach.

For experienced climbers, the Höllengebirge offers a wide variety of climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty and the very challenging Attersee via ferrata Mahdlgupf - one of the many via ferrata routes in the Salzkammergut. The canyoning in the Gimbach Cascades is a real adventure. Certified and local climbing and mountain guides accompany you on numerous activities.


High Ropes Courses in the Attersee-Attergau Region

Get to know new experiences and exceed your own limits: At adventurous stations, under the guidance of a safety trainer and suitable safety equipment, the Attersee high ropes course in Seewalchen and the High Kix high ropes course at the Eggenberg scout camp offer you just that. Have a unique experience.

High Ropes Course Attersee

An unforgettable adventure at airy heights: Whether it's a joint outing with friends or family, an outdoor adventure with the school, the company, a club or the regulars' table, or even a bachelor party - the Attersee high ropes course has the perfect activity programme for every person and every occasion. 

The important thing is that you are accompanied by professional safety instructors and you alone decide how far you want to go. Click here for the offers.

High Ropes Course

High Kix – High Ropes Course at Eggenberg Scout Camp

Overcoming, trust and team spirit are required in the High Kix high ropes course: Together as a team, you are guided by trained trainers and can rely entirely on the safety and sense of responsibility of your partners. You learn to recognise your own limits and to use the skills of your colleagues. In the community you will achieve more than you expect.


Climbing in the Höllengebirge

The Höllengebirge offers various climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty. In addition to the Adlerspitze and the Attersee Klettersteig Mahdlgupf, the bouldering area Attersee Forstamt and the mountaineering village Steinbach invite you to climb. 

The views of the crystal-clear waters of Lake Attersee, where you can cool off after a strenuous tour, combined with the rugged limestone outcrops and rock formations make a tour in the Höllengebirge a special experience.

Die Adlerspitze – das älteste und bekannteste Klettergebiet des Höllengebirges.

The climbing tour (normal route) on the Adlerspitze (1,241 m) leads in 3 extremely airy pitches to the pointed rock tower in the Höllengebirge. Once at the summit, a beautiful panorama opens up over the Attersee and the entire Salzkammergut.

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Attersee via ferrata

The Attersee via ferrata leads to the 1261m high Mahdlgupf in Steinbach am Attersee. Stamina and endurance are a must on this tour - as the middle section in particular is steep and in part exposed. For this reason, the entrance was rebuilt in 2020 and now features a D/E passage. The via ferrata is closed from 1 Nov. to 31 March.

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Bouldering area Attersee - Steinbach district Forstamt

This bouldering area is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Salzkammergut with its 200 boulder problems distributed over approx. 100 blocks. Beginners as well as experts get their money's worth here with boulder problems with a difficulty level of up to 8a.

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Climbing gyms and climbing tower

For all those for whom climbing in the Hell Mountains is too adventurous, the Attersee-Attergau holiday region offers great alternatives: How about, for example, a true indoor bouldering adventure in the new climbing hall in the Attergau leisure centre, a trip to the climbing wall in the sports hall in Steinbach or perhaps a round on the 12-metre high climbing tower in Unterach? Now they are in demand!



Bouldering hall in the "Freizi

Since October 2019, visitors to the "Freizi" can look forward to an extensive range of climbing activities, including bouldering and climbing courses: the artificial climbing facility offers around 60 to 80 climbing routes on an area of 350 m². Those who love the transition are in good hands in the bouldering area: Here, 80 to 100 bouldering routes are spread over 350 m². On a total area of 700 m², you can also choose the level of difficulty from 3 to 10.

Bouldering hall

Indoor climbing wall in the sports hall in Steinbach

The indoor climbing facility offers 128 m² of climbing space, 13 metres of climbing length, approx. 3 metres of overhang and a 20 m² bouldering area.

The booking can be made online here.

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12 metre high climbing tower in Unterach

The twelve-metre high climbing tower in Unterach offers around 40 routes ranging in difficulty from 3+ to 10, a maximum overhang of 2.5 metres and 14 pulleys, each with 8 fixed express slings. Use the climbing tower at your own risk. Click here for the dates of the trial climbing.

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Try climbing?

From 5th of May  up to and including 27th of  August  2021, every Friday from 5:00 p.m. there is the opportunity to try out trial climbing under instruction at the climbing tower in Unterach. Participation is free of charge.

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Canyoning in the Attersee-Attergau region

Canyoning immerses you in a world you have never experienced before: Venture into realms that are both terrifying and impressive and overcome stormy waterfalls. Jump into the foaming nothingness and slide along very slippery fur grooves into the abyss. Pure adrenaline is guaranteed.

Combination: Canyoning and high ropes course

An adventurous day in combination of cool water and lofty heights awaits you: After a short hike, you will reach the gorge before heading through the beautiful cascades. Afterwards, you will embark on the challenging adventure parkour in the Attersee high ropes course. Fun and excitement are guaranteed.

This tour is available in a small and large version.

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Canyoning in the Gimbach Cascades

This tour is a family canyoning tour with slides and jumps but without abseils. The minimum age for participation in this tour is 10 years.

There are no abseils on the 60-90 minute descent through the gorge.

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