Bräu am Berg

The family-run private brewery in Frankenmarkt


Brewers in the fifth generation

The private brewery in Frankenmarkt, Upper Austria, run by the fifth generation of the family, puts quality and customer service first and works according to the motto "small but nice": The raw materials of local farmers are processed by hand into the award-winning beer and bottled with the high-quality Frankenmarkter mineral water.

Bräu am Berg - Berggold

The Frankenmarkter beer specialties, brewed according to the Bavarian purity law of 1516, guarantee the beer lover the highest drinking pleasure. The raw materials of local farmers are lovingly handcrafted to create a harmonious specialty beer, the Bräu am Berg Berggold. Ecological sustainability and care are the main focus.

Beer style: Special beer
Optics: distinctive, glossy amber color with stable, fine pored foam
Taste: slightly spicy aroma of cereals with caramel extracts, pleasantly tangy in the mouth, full-bodied with a balanced interplay of hops and malt notes in the taste of three selected Austrian hop varieties.
Alcohol content: 5.5 vol.% Original wort: 12.5°.

© Credit: Starzinger, CEO Bräu am Berg Victor Starzinger


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In Steinbach the taste is hammered into the beer.

Inspiration through blacksmithing

The inspiration for the brand name was the grandfather of Mario Scheckenberger, the beer smith, who was once a blacksmith in Steinbach. The blacksmith's craft stands like no other for powerful and characterful qualities like the beer of the beer smithy today. In addition to the award-winning beers, the brewery tours, beery souvenirs as well as the brewing tavern including regional delicacies are popular.

The Werkstück – the beer to the nature park Attersee-Traunsee

A delightful selection of light Pilsner malt and selected caramel malts results in a rich amber color. The malt character is harmoniously balanced by the fine Celeja aroma hops. The most important raw material - water - comes directly from the source in the Attersee Traunsee Nature Park.


Beer style: March
Optics: rich amber color
Flavor: malty character is harmoniously balanced by the fine Celeja aroma hops
Alcohol content: 5.2% 
Original wort: 12,5°

© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau/Klaus Costadedoi, Bierschmiede Steinbach, Mario Scheckeneder

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Brauerei Kaltenböck

Regional beer variety from the agricultural family brewery

From hobby to profession

It was Volkher Kaltenböck who, in the course of his master brewing studies at the University of Munich, in Weihenstephan, dealt with the art of brewing for a long time. The first brewing experiments followed shortly afterwards at his parents' farm with a manageable quantity of 10 liters. Today he runs the brewery together with his brother Herwig.

Barley and hops from own cultivation

In the meantime, the beers of the Kaltenböck brewery have won several awards and since 2012, the brewery has even been growing its own barley and hops on its own fields. For the regional Bier4er, the decision was made to use the Pfahlbaubier. A very special beer which is also the harbinger for the 2027 national exhibition. It is a dark herbal beer with raw materials that were already known and cultivated in the Neolithic Age.

Beer style: herb beer, bottom fermented
Optics: unfiltered, slight haze, reddish-brown with honey-colored foam 
Taste: harmonious herbal note in the nose, full-bodied with a recognizable caramel note, pleasantly fruity acidity.
Alcohol content: 4,9%.
Original wort: 11,8 °

© Credit: Brauerei Kaltenböck

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Zum Gugg

For more than 200 years restaurant in Gampern and since short time also beer farmer

For almost 200 years hospitality in the heart of Gampern

In the inn - Zum Gugg - where weddings, baptisms and all other kinds of celebrations have been held for decades, beer has also been brewed since 2017. In the new brewhouse, with the integrated brew kettles, the Gugg beers are brewed in a very special ambience, with only regional ingredients.

Beer lovers can choose between Gugg (naturally cloudy Märzen), Gamperner Spezial(dark) or one or the other seasonal beer specialty.

Gugg Bier - The down-to-earth beer in bottles for the first time

The Gugg beer, bottled for the first time, celebrates its premiere in the regional Bier4er of the Attersee-Attergau region. Taste a piece of down-to-earth brewing art with regional ingredients


Beer style: Märzen
Optics: Strong yellow is it, evenly cloudy
Taste: palatable, subtly hopped, slightly sweetish
Alcohol content: 5.2%.
Original wort: 12°

© Credit: Familie Gugg, Zum Gugg, Gampern
© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau/Simone Süß, Regionaler Bier4er
Five men sit at a table and each hold a beer into the camera.