© Credit: STMG/Wolfgang Stadler, Skiing in the region Attersee-Attergau
Man and woman are standing on a ski slope in their ski gear. In the background a forest can be seen.

Skiing in the holiday region Attersee-Attergau

We may probably not be able to keep up with the traditional ski areas of Austria, though "small but beautiful" - these are the ski lifts in the holiday region Attersee-Attergau. There you will find the ideal slopes for children to learn how to ski and for advanced skiers to hone their skills.

© Picture: STMG, Wolfgang Stadler
3 skiers in the forest
Ski resorts in the Salzkammergut
Charming little ski world or skiing pleasure with a large selection of lifts: Due to its central location, the holiday region Attersee-Attergau is an ideal starting point to the larger ski areas in the Salzkammergut.
Wellness and health
A good alternative to skiing

Skiing in the region Attersee-Attergau

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