© Credit: TVB Attersee-Attergau/Moritz Ablinger, Hiking in the Region
Man and woman Nordic Walking in the Attersee-Attergau region

Geocaching in the Attergau region

Geocaching is a modern outdoor treasure hunt where GPS-suitable devices such as, for example, smart phones are used.

After registering at www.geocaching.com free of charge and after selecting a geocache, the partici-pants will receive the coordinates. With the help of the GPS gadget, the treasure hunters discover their way to their respective target and try to find the geocache hidden there. Anyone who is lucky, enters his name by using a nickname and the date of discovery into the log book. Afterwards, the cache resp. the item hidden is again put back to the same spot for the next geocache. Back home the `treasure` is entered into the Internet. Thereby, the geocaches may differ in form and size.   
Our tip: in the cycling and hiking map of the Attergau the caches are displayed in the form of treasure chests besides the paths. This map also provides a detailed description for beginners. Enjoy the search!

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