© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Matthias Klugsberger: Zwei Personen am Gahberg in Weyregg in der Region Attersee-Attergau im Salzkammergut in Oberösterreich.
Zwei Personen am Gahberg in Weyregg in der Region Attersee-Attergau im Salzkammergut in Oberösterreich. Die beiden wandern nebeneinander über eine Wiese. Im Hintergrund der mit Nebel bedeckte Attersee und die Berglandschaft. Rechts im Bild in der Wiese ist eine Holzhütte zu sehen.

Plan your tour to be on the safe side



  1. Healthy in the mountains – Make sure you are aware of your physical abilities
  2. Thorough planning – Guide books, topographic maps and the Internet inform you about the length, altitude difference, rating and the current conditions. Keep an eye on the weather forecast!
  3. Family & friends – Let them know where you are going, the exact trail and the expected time of retur
  4. Complete equipment – protection against sun, rain and cold, first aid kit, maps and/or GPS, mobile phone, food and beverages.
  5. Suitable shoes – good hiking boots with no-slip grip soles
  6. Surefootedness is key!
  7. Stay on the marked paths – Follow the yellow ‘S‘ on black ground on the  Salzkammergut and Attersee-Attergau Long Distance Trail or the number of the hiking trails.
  8. Regular breaks – help to regain strength. Eating and drinking are crucial for staying strong and concentrated. Make sure you carry enough to drink – isotonic beverages are ideal for quenching your thirst. As snacks, we recommend cereal bars, dried fruit or cookies.
  9. Responsibility for children – Entertainment and playful discovery are the prime motivation for children. Make sure you adapt the length of the tour to their needs!
  10. Respect nature and the environment – Do not litter, avoid making noise, stay on the marked paths, do not unsettle wild or grazing animals, do not touch plants and respect conservation areas.
  11. Keep dogs on the leash – for the sake of the animals on pastures and in forests.
  12. Weather conditions – Keep an eye on the weather conditions and return or stop at an inn or shelter in time.

If there is an accident in the mountains:

  • Set off an emergency call via mobile phone (recharge  battery in advance)
  • 140 Alpine Emergency Call
  • 112 European Emergency Call
  • Emergency communication: Who is calling? Where is the accident? What happened?
  • Take the injured person and yourself out of the danger area (rockfall) and  render first aid. Follow the instructions of the emergency servies.

Contact & Service

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We will be happy to help you plan your tour. You can order and download hiking maps or the Attersee-Attergau long distance trail folder (free of charge) as well as the Kompass guides (with costs) via our website. Please contact us.