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Zwei Taucher sitzen am Steg am Attersee

Diving and Fishing

With it outstanding topology, fantastic underwater fauna and flora, and not to say the least, it excellent water quality, Lake Attersee is not only an amazing place for divers and water sports enthusiasts.

Due to the lakes great conditions, diverse species of fish have developed here like in no other Austrian body of water. Naturally, this attracts numerous fishers. As a result, friction between fishers and divers may come to pass. However, if one adheres to a few simple rules, the diver is able to enjoy the calm under water, whilst the fisher can peacefully enjoy himself above.

Our Tips:

  • To avoid getting unintentionally entangled in a fishers net, please pay attention to laid-out nets before diving in. These are marked with floats above water (white plastic cans, white wooden clubs, bottles or small buoys).
  • Forgo laid-out nets.
  • Should you damage the net of a professional fisher, please inform the fisher or report it to the nearest police station as soon as possible.
  • Should you become caught on the fishing hook of a fisher, calmly free yourself from it.
  • A brief apology after the dive and a bit of small talk with the fisher will lighten up the atmosphere and save you trouble.

Should you have any questions or concerns, our staff at the diving bases will be more than happy to help you!

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