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Diving container rental

Rent a diving container!

You are planning an event and are looking for a special highlight? The diving centre Tauchkompetenzzentrum Attersee is the right partner for you!

A diving container with a length of 6.43 m, a height of 2.65 m and a volume of 25 m³ brings action to the Salzkammergut region.

We travel up to 100km from Weyregg am Attersee for a training and booting of the container.

Our conditions:

Accommodation for the technician if located more than 100km from Weyregg.
Transportation, electricity and water will be charged to the renter



  • € 400,00 for one day
  • € 200,00 for each additional day
  • € 100,00 per day for the operator(s)
  • € 100,00 one-off payment for a training if no technician is required (locations less than 100km from Weyregg)

All prices stated are net prices.

Contact Details

Tauchkompetenzzentrum Attersee
Chairman Günter Oberschmid
Franz von Schönthanallee 6
A-4854 Weißenbach am Attersee

Phone+43 7663 610
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