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River diving - scubing

From little bullheads to perches, tenches, carps, trouts, greylings and crayfish – there’s a lot to see in River Traun. Barbs migrate upstream; non-predatory fish hide while huge pikes go hunting. This abundant fauna, crystal clear water, caves, tunnels and a lot more make diving and scubing in River Traun a memorable experience.

Riverdiving and Scubing. Fun, exitement and pure nature.

Diving in a river has an exotic touch to it. River Ager and River Traun, in particular, are perfect for river diving. Diving in these rivers is not cold as their water comes from lakes.

SCUBING = snorkeling in a river

Scubing is another way of exploring the fauna of shallow rivers and streams. Whether scuba diver or not: everyone will enjoy this experience. Masks, snorkels, fins, booties, gloves and warm wetsuits are being provided for non divers. Before you begin your scubing tour with an experienced guide, we also teach you the basics of snorkeling.

Floating on the surface, the current of River Traun determines your speed. At times, the current will make you pass harmless rapids very fast and drag you into narrow and deep canyons whereas sometimes you will float slowly in pools full of fish.

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