© Picture: Wolfgang Spitzbart, Bicycle Tour on Lake Attersee
Bicycle Tour on Lake Attersee, View throug the wheel to the flowers

Service Stations/Service Points

A cycling tour is quickly troubled when it comes to a plate or a breakdown. Whether mountain bikes, racing bikes or trekking bikes, our expert will help you quickly and competently.
Below you will find a list of all bike service centers and companies with automatic tube stations.


Bicycle Tube Stations:

  • Weyregg am Attersee
    Opposite of Restaurant "Kaisergasthof" by Beachbar Parapluie
  • Mondsee
    Alpenbike Mondsee - in the centre von Mondsee
  • St. Georgen im Attergau
    Bikesport Attergau - in the centre von St. Georgen im Attergau