© Credit: Oberoesterreich Tourismus-GmbH/Moritz Ablinger,Cycling at the Attersee
Two cyclists with Attersee panorama as background

9 fair-play rules for bicycle tours

Mountain biking – a great sport and natural experience! So fascinating you can get caught up in it and forget everything around you.

But mind you, you are not alone! Considerate and sensible riding is key for a safe and accident-free experience. Following a few simple rules can avoid conflicts.


  • Rule 1: Pedestrians have the right of way! A bell is not just a nice accessory: Use it, when SLOWLY approaching hikers and pedestrians. And another thing: No littering! Dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided therefore.
  • Rule 2: Safety first! Speed second! Make sure you always anticipate branches, rocks or trail damage – especially after curves. Be ready to brake and stay in control of your bike!
  • Rule 3: What is true for driving cars also holds for mountain biking: No alcohol! When you take a rest, be considerate in your use of bike stands and be aware of your dirty shoes or clothes. In case of emergency you are obliged to provide first aid!
  • Rule 4: ‘No vehicles’ signs and roadblocks apply also to mountain bikers. Riding outside of marked paths and at times paths are closed is illegal and may be punished.
  • Rule 5: Mountain biking requires a high degree of concentration and attention. Better not let talking on the phone and listening to music distract you.
  • Rule 6: As a mountain biker you are a guest in the forest and expected to treat foresters, hunters and wild animals with respect. This includes avoiding unnecessary noise and respecting wildlife by riding during the day only.
  • Rule 7: Safe riding means riding within your own abilities. Don’t overestimate your skills and fitness – it will ruin the fun of mountain biking. Wear that helmet – even when you are going uphill. And have a repair set and dressing material with you in case of a technical defect.
  • Rule 8: When approaching grazing animals, do so at walking speed to avoid flight and panic reactions. And don’t forget to shut all meadow gates after your passage.
  • Rule 9: Street traffic rules must be observed on all mountain bike trails. Your bike must be in proper technical condition and have the right equipment: Brakes, a bell and lights are non-negotiable gear.