© Credit: Oberoesterreich Tourismus-GmbH/Moritz Ablinger,Cycling at the Attersee
Two cyclists with Attersee panorama as background

Important emergency numbers for bikers at a glance

When bikers are drunk on adrenaline, things can easily get out of control. A tree blocking the path – too late for braking. Bike and rider take off – and hit the ground hard. The shoulder aches? Fortunately, mobile phones have become our steady companions and help can be called quickly.

Exercise is good for you – but biking can be wild sometimes. Don’t underestimate the risks and their consequences! The best protection against injuries: ride within your own abilities, know your fitness and wear that helmet! And if all that fails and you need help quickly, get out that mobile phone!

Dial 140 and you will be connected to the Austrian Mountain Rescue Services (Bergrettung) – the right number for all alpine emergencies. If you need assistance during a biking tour through the Salzkammergut, call the “Salzkammergut Biking Helpline”. This helpline is staffed with trained bike guides and available from May to October.

Additional useful numbers are those of the ÖAMTC (Austrian Motorists’ Club) and the Flight Mission Department of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the international emergency number 120. And don’t forget: Austrian ambulance, fire brigade and police numbers. Make sure you have them saved, either in your head or mobile telephone.

  • Bergrettung (Austrian Mountain Rescue Services): 140
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Fire brigade: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Flugrettung (Air emergency) (Austrian Ministry of the Interior): 17 77
  • ÖAMTC (Austrian motoring association): 120
  • International emergency number: 112
  • Salzkammergut Biking Helpline: +43 650 4054768
    Available from May to October, Mr. Simonlehner or bike guides will help and inform you well.