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Lake Egelsee and moor - nature reserve

Unterach am Attersee, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Egelsee and Egelseemoor - nature reserve since 1965
Lake Egelsee and the surrounding Egelseemoor are not only a popular recreational area, but also the oldest nature reserve in the Attersee-Attergau region. Egelsee, a moor lake about 105 metres long and 65 metres wide, is a relic of the Ice Age. It is located in a so-called dead ice hole, which is surrounded by siltation bogs and a wide variety of fescue grasses. The area provides an ideal habitat for numerous but very sensitive plant species. In 1965, around 4.1 hectares were designated as a nature reserve by decree. Learn more about the Egelsee the "Venus Trap" among the nature reserves in the Attersee-Attergau region!

DISCOVER the protected natural jewel Egelsee in Unterach

Hike to the Egelsee
An easy hike from Unterach leads directly to the Egelsee. Passing woods, animal enclosures and meadows, you can look forward to numerous vantage points. At the end of the hike, the idyllically situated Egelsee awaits you. Further information HERE.

Sensitive & nature conservation valuable plant species
such as sundew, lousewort & more

Both the small moorland lake and its surroundings with a complex of fescue grasslands, fens, sedge swamps and remnants of upland moorland (Egelseemoor) are under nature conservation protection. All species of sundew found in Austria can be found at Egelsee, but also the marsh lousewort or dwarf hedgehog bulrush as well as numerous other species of high nature conservation value. The occurrence of six insectivorous plants (e.g. sundew / Drosera) and twelve orchid species alone reflects the plant-sociological diversity.
The shores of Lake Egel slope quite steeply, the lake is up to seven metres deep. A dense forest of various species of stonewort algae grows on its bottom. In between, pond horsetails and, in the shore areas, pond lilies have settled. The water, which becomes increasingly opaque as it gets deeper, is home to several species of native fish, such as pike, roach and carp. In the shore area, floating on the lake water is a fescue grass, which are water-soaked bog plants.

Please stay on the hiking trail intended for visitors.

Many plants around Lake Egel are threatened with extinction and are very sensitive to foot traffic. The aim is to protect this unique plant diversity for the next generation. In keeping with the motto protect and use, the good ecological condition of the biotope complex could be largely preserved by demarcating the sensitive areas and signposting the hiking trail.

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