Genussherbst Attersee Attergau 2021

GENUSSHERBST 2021 in the Attersee - Attergau region is all about plums, stars and game. Many restaurants transform regional products into delicious game dishes during the autumn season. Exclusive autumn activities invite you to discover and enjoy new things in the Attersee-Attergau natural landscape.

The Edelkastanienwald nature reserve shows its most magnificent side when the only chestnuts north of the Alps reach full maturity and roll off the trees. The GENUSSHERBST Attersee - Attergau is rounded off by an annually changing culinary theme. 2021 is all about plum variety, under the motto: "Alles Zwetschke" - all about Pemse, Punze, Zwispitz & Co. Look forward to the chestnut festival in Unterach, a culinary highlight this autumn.

Switch off, recharge your batteries and enjoy the tranquillity of nature! Clear your head while hiking with a view of the lake in the Salzkammergut, get fresh ideas while enjoying culinary autumn delicacies prepared with regional products and discover new perspectives during exclusive autumn activities. This is the autumn of pleasure in the Attersee-Attergau region.

Genussherbst 2021: 19.09 to 31.10.2021 - Plum, game and stars

The enjoyment autumn in the Attersee-Attergau region is the time to try something new and discover nature from its most beautiful side! In autumn you can enjoy a particularly clear view of Lake Attersee in the Attersee-Attergau region. Enveloped in a beautiful colourful dress of leaves, you can experience nature from a new side during guided tours. Whether on a guided tour with Gerli the witch from the Gerlhammer Moor or on a guided tour in the Attersee- Traunsee Nature Park, Austria's first star park.

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Subject for the Genussherbst 2021

Genuss Herbst 2021: Everything Plum - learn more about Pemse, Hallmark, Zwispitz & Co

This year we would like to invite you on a very special journey of discovery. The area around Lake Attersee was and is known for its abundance of plums, as well as root and seed primitive plums such as Echte Krieche, Schlehe, Bidling, Zwispitz, Rotzwetschken, Pemse, Punze, Roter Spilling and Ziparte.

Many good reasons for plum:

  • Plums are vitamin bombs from a variety of minerals and trace elements!

  • A quick source of energy due to their high fructose content.

  • Strong nerves thanks to B vitamins! Almost all B vitamins are found in plums - they strengthen our nerves and make us stress-resistant.

  • Protection against free radicals! Anthocyanins not only give plums their beautiful blue colour, they are also antioxidant and protect our body from free radicals.

  • Full throttle for digestion! Indigestible plant fibres such as cellulose and pectin swell up in the intestine and increase the digestive volume.

  • The Doasis zoagt, was los is! Five to seven plums a day (a handful) are considered a good dosage for a balanced diet.

Source: Plum Guide:

Culinary autumn delicacies with regional products

© Photo: Pixabay, roast goose
Ganslbraten mit Rotkraut

Delicacy goose

A crispy goose is one of the classic autumn delicacies. Thanks to the Nöhmer family from St. Georgen im Attergau and the Lettner family from Frankenmarkt, regional suppliers can be found directly in the Attersee-Attergau region.

Respectful treatment of the animals and a nature-loving attitude are important to them. Both are partners of the Austrian Pasture Geese.

To the recipes

We cook up "game" for you - the taste of autumn

Local game specialities from our own hunt or from the hunter next door are on the menus. The homemade roast venison, directly from the local forests or fresh venison, invite you to enjoy special moments of pleasure. If you are looking for game weeks and game dishes, you will find what you are looking for in the various inns and restaurants. 

Culinary award-winning or rather gourmet classics with an innovative touch? Discover the culinary cooperations Attersee- Attergau: Taste the Lake & Kulinarium Attersee.

© Credit: Bachtaverne, Netzwerk Kulinarikwildbilder: Game dish
 White plate with a game dish

Genussherbst 2021: Discover and enjoy new things in the Attersee-Attergau natural landscape